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This web site examines the theories that suggest the NASA Apollo moon landings were faked. It hopes to prove, without any doubt, that these theories are wrong and a combination of a poor understanding of basic science and a desire to make a fast buck. Ultimately, however, you're going to have to reach your own decision.


Dust on the moon looks and behaves like nothing on Earth!


In the bright sunlight of the Moon the photographs features very clear shadows, more obviously so than shadows on Earth. But some people think that the natural behaviour of those shadows prove fakery. They're wrong.


Most of the theories that concern the photographs are due to a failure to understand how photography works.

Photographs in the 1960s were only two dimensional records of light falling on a chemically treated sheet of plastic. They can easily give a misleading picture of the nature of an unfamiliar three dimensional world, especially if have already decided what you want to see and don't understand photography's strengths and limitations.


Millions, if not billions, of dollars were spent in equipping the Apollo missions. In order to successfully land on the moon, NASA needed to either buy in the absolute latest in technology, or develop it themselves. So it should come as no surprise that some of the equipment used was totally unheard of in the 1960s and, because it was designed to work in an alien environment, is still a novelty 40 years later. So most people don't have any experience of this equipment, or understand how it worked.

This lack of understanding is the source of many of the hoax theories. Rather than finding out how this equipment worked, many hoax proponents prefer to take a poor guess at how they think it might have worked, and then show how their own guess wouldn't work.



Radiation, it's everywhere!

Satellite Pictures

What do satellite pictures show on the moon?


Who thinks this stuff up?

Other Things

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